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Score - 65

Résumé : Tsohost a réussi 100% disponibilité la semaine dernière. Le graphique d'analyse montre que 9 les domaines existants ont été supprimés de Tsohost et 7 les domaines ont été transférés hors de chez Tsohost. Le graphique montre aussi que 11 de nouveaux domaines ont été enregistrés avec Tsohost et 9 domaines ont été transférés chez Tsohost d'autres hébergeurs. Sur la base des médias sociaux et des conversations, Tsohost a 100% sentiment utilisateur positif.

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Description :

Adresse : 113-114 Buckingham Avenue
Slough, Berkshire
Code postal : SL1 4PF
Pays :  GB

Avis d'hébergement  (4)

  • review user image
    5 star rating

     Par Bobby Evalué 08/12/2016

    Tsohost support is much better, also with their cloud you get unlimited web space and bandwidth.

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    Avis de Bobby

  • review user image
    5 star rating

     Par Shohag Ahmed Evalué 17/11/2016

    its best for all

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    Avis de Shohag Ahmed

  • review user image
    5 star rating

     Par T Right Evalué 16/02/2015

    Tsohost is absolutely terrific. They should be a model web hosting company, as they know very much of everything in web hosting business. I enjoy being with Tsohost, as long as they keep doing what they`re doing, will stay with them indefinitely and will refer as many people to them as possible.

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    Avis de T Right

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     Par Rob Evalué 16/02/2015

    I have been a Tsohost for over 10 years and have dealt with a number of hosting companies for myself and on behalf of my clients. I find that web hosting is all about uptime and support for me, Tsohost so far has hands down the most excellent support and customer service I have ever seen.

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    Avis de Rob

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