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Résumé : Server mania a réussi 100% disponibilité la semaine dernière. Le graphique d'analyse montre que 0 les domaines existants ont été supprimés de Server mania et 0 les domaines ont été transférés hors de chez Server mania. Le graphique montre aussi que 0 de nouveaux domaines ont été enregistrés avec Server mania et 0 domaines ont été transférés chez Server mania d'autres hébergeurs. Sur la base des médias sociaux et des conversations, Server mania a 100% sentiment utilisateur positif.

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    5 star rating

     Par Burt Thombs Evalué 12/08/2016

    I have been a client of both for many years. GoDaddy has good service, but sometimes slow and not always fixed. Servermania has excellent service and has never disappointed. Plus, their prices for a dedicated server are considerably less than Godaddy. I`ll be with them well into the forseeable future.

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    Avis de Burt Thombs

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    4 star rating

     Par Megan Evalué 22/01/2015

    Server Mania has launched free DDoS Protection in its buffalo, New York facility which has governed by RioRey DdoS mitigation appliances. Company has included 1Gbps protected dedicated server which are able to protect up to 32, 000, 000 packets per seconds. These hardware includes a state-of-the-art protection algorithm.

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    Avis de Megan

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     Par T Peters Evalué 16/12/2014

    ServerMania has announced its completion of a network upgrade which has increased a number of Jupiter MX960 routers. This upgradation fulfills the brand 100% uptime SLA and network security threats. Being the part of Juniper MX-Series the Ethernet-Optimized is largest carrier Ethernet Platform in the industry.

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    Avis de T Peters

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