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Résumé : Lunarpages a réussi 100% disponibilité la semaine dernière. Le graphique d'analyse montre que 9 les domaines existants ont été supprimés de Lunarpages et 12 les domaines ont été transférés hors de chez Lunarpages. Le graphique montre aussi que 7 de nouveaux domaines ont été enregistrés avec Lunarpages et 1 domaines ont été transférés chez Lunarpages d'autres hébergeurs. Sur la base des médias sociaux et des conversations, Lunarpages a 66.67% sentiment utilisateur positif.

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Description : Latest News and Hosting Review Lunarpages offering IT infrastructure, private cloud hosting, and disaster recovery services

Adresse : 1908 N. Enterprise St.
Anaheim, California
Code postal : 92865
Pays :  USA

Avis d'hébergement  (6)

  • review user image
    5 star rating

     Par Malcolm Evalué 31/10/2014

    Lunarpages Hosting is the best cheap PHP hosting suppliers in 2014, announced by Best Cheap Hosting USA after comparing plenty of web hosting suppliers.
    Lunarpages Hosting always offers excellent products without any hidden costs. All the companys products are user-friendly. New and old clients can enjoy 24-hour support and services on its website.

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    Avis de Malcolm

  • review user image
    3 star rating

     Par Omer KhAn Evalué 21/04/2014

    I just love the uptime and service from last 4 years. I like their dedicated support officers or staff as they are able to resolve any kind of issues very quickly, in just no time

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    Avis de Omer KhAn

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     Par Ali Nussier Evalué 09/04/2014

    Lunarpages are always a good and reputed company. Its overall performance is too good. I have been connected with this from last 10 years and every time whenever I have some queries regarding my web sites, I give a call to their support team and they revert back within just few seconds. It’s fabulous. Recently, I had face a very complex issue and one of their reps help me out to get rid of this problem. The rep was very kind, cool, calm and courteous, helpful and the most important he was extremely knowledgeable about the various problems which any one can had in their web sites, while hosting them. I just wish if other places or companies also had strong tech support like Lunar pages offers to their clients in order to help them out. The customer service of LunarPages rock...It’s fabulous and amazing.

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    Avis de Ali Nussier

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     Par Rakib Western Evalué 11/03/2014

    I am very happy with the customer services of lunarpages, as I never face the problem of downtime of server with my web site and if it was there then their customer care rep was extremely helpful. Their staff has sound tech knowledge and also expertise in this field, so any kind of issue whether tech or others will definitely be resolve by them and I am 100 percent sure of that as I have confidence in their staff. I am saying this because several no. of times I face various kinds of issues to host my web site and whenever I try to reach them i.e. in early morning, afternoon, evening, night or even once I give a call in the mid of the night around 3’o clock, they were always available, listen my problem with patience and revert back to me with the permanent and appropriate solution of my problems. I used the word permanent because they always try their efforts to resolve the issue on permanent basis, so that their clients will not face the same problem again, as they wanted to satisfy their customers very well. I talk to one of their rep, right now I don’t remember the exact name of the candidate to whom I talk on the phone, he told me that the main goal of their company –I mean Lunar pages was customer satisfaction, yes every company has this goal but they are really not working on the same, they are working on their second most important goal which is profit maximization and to attain this in the first meeting they try their whole efforts in attracting the customers and finally then to convenience them to buy one of their web hosting package in order to get some money from them and after customer buy their plan and paid the money to them, they do not concerned about their clients so much, but If I talk about the Lunar pages then I must say they all are very dedicated towards their clients and try to give them max satisfaction as earliest as possible.Overall the customer support of lunarpages was just awesome.

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    Avis de Rakib Western

  • review user image
    1 star rating

     Par Grecia Martinez Evalué 18/02/2014

    I like the web hosting services of Lunarpages very much around few months ago but if I talk about the situation of today then its dedicated server is now not serving well to their clients. Like I am using its dedicated server but now I am not happy with its services, as earlier I was. Their customer care staff also do not respond in a right manner, like If I ask any query to them either they do not gave right answer or they provide irrelevant answers, by which problem is not at all connected. Sometimes it also happens that their staffs were incapable to answer the questions. So, overall their customer support is not good.

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    Avis de Grecia Martinez

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     Par Mmazelle MoLii Evalué 02/01/2014

    The customer support of lunarpages is just awesome. From last 12 yrs. I am using their web hosting services and I do face some issues, some minor, some major, some technical and some other kind of issues. The good thing is that whenever I contacted their customer care staff, they quickly revert back to me with the appropriate solutions of my problems, they took very less time also to generate the solution, as they never keep me on hold for so long or allow me to wait for their response for so long. Their customer care rep are very talented as I receive very good and even sometimes excellent solutions from them which even sometimes people cannot think of and they are beyond my expectations also. Another good thing is that as per their commitment, they are really available for 24 hrs a day, as two-three times, I face some minor issues in the mid of the night and in early morning so I call them and also mail my problem and they revert back to me in just few minutes with the good suggestions and appropriate solutions. They pick my call and talk to me very politely, discuss my problem in detail and in just no time they provide the good and correct solution. So, overall I just want to say that I don’t know about the rest of the things of Lunar pages but yes their customer support or their technical support is just rocks man..Very good and excellent support offered by LunarPages.

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    Avis de Mmazelle MoLii

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