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Host Excellence Score - 63

Résumé : Host Excellence a réussi 100% disponibilité la semaine dernière. Le graphique d'analyse montre que 0 les domaines existants ont été supprimés de Host Excellence et 0 les domaines ont été transférés hors de chez Host Excellence. Le graphique montre aussi que 0 de nouveaux domaines ont été enregistrés avec Host Excellence et 1 domaines ont été transférés chez Host Excellence d'autres hébergeurs. Sur la base des médias sociaux et des conversations, Host Excellence a 62.5% sentiment utilisateur positif.

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Description :

Adresse :
247 Information Highway Ln
Hopkinsville, KY
Code postal : 42240
Pays :   US
Numéro de téléphone :  +1 800 792 1197, Fax: +1 800 792 1197
Email :

Host Excellence Avis  (8)

  • review user image
    5 star rating

     Par Juan Carlos Pedraza B Evalué 22/12/2016

    Thanks for all the help Anastacia, thanks for your knowledge and patience!!! Thanks Hostexcellence for all the help, Host excellence is a very important partner in my job! thanks!

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    Avis de Juan Carlos Pedraza B

  • review user image
    5 star rating

     Par Andrew Shrimpton Evalué 01/08/2016

    They are a star. i have spent one whole day trying to do this many many thanks. Like any job easy when you know how its working :-) First class service. solved my problem in seconds. many many thanks

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    Avis de Andrew Shrimpton

  • review user image
    1 star rating

     Par PaulGhiron Evalué 17/04/2016

    So last week Host Excellence ``decided`` to rebuild a RAID that hosted one of my MySQL without any notice. Of COURSE the botched it up an hundreds of us where without email and access to our MySQL databases for more than 40 hours.

    I lost more than $4,000 in sales and when I asked for more internal memory to host the databse on another home server and connect it to my website they hosted they took more than 24 hours to get back to me and just gave me the glib answer that NO they wouldn`t do it because it violates their TOS. Well THEY violated the TOS by not notifying me and making my site unusable for more than 40 hours.

    Their customer service has gotten worse and worse and I for one no longer trust them. I am moving to another host ASAP.

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    Avis de PaulGhiron

  • review user image
    5 star rating

     Par Marty Levergood II Evalué 29/02/2016

    Just wanted to thank host excellence for doing all possible and bringing another level of success of our relationship! Either way it is still a great pleasure working with HostExcellence and I appreciate the individual efforts they gave as well! Their team is wonderful and greatly appreciated!

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    Avis de Marty Levergood II

  • review user image
    5 star rating

     Par Andrew Cargin Evalué 12/02/2016

    ``If you are looking for someone to host your Domain/website you cant go past these guys they are great. the 24/7 support is excellent i am trying to build my first web site and i have had a few problems that i couldn`t find answers for on youtube a quick 10min chat with there support and the problems are fixed, they give you step by step instruction in plain language to refer back to as well as fixing the problem for you
    thanks Guys great service``

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    Avis de Andrew Cargin

  • review user image
    3 star rating

     Par Elisabetta Podda Evalué 22/04/2014

    What the service man..too good. The words are very less for me to say good things for Host excellence. The features they provide in the terms of their web hosting plans are excellent and up to the demand of any web sites. They offer few features in unlimited capacity also such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data transfer, domain for free, 99.9% uptime and more which were necessary to host the web site and I don?t know about rest of the people but I am very much satisfied with their hosting services and I would like to continue their service.

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    Avis de Elisabetta Podda

  • review user image
    4 star rating

     Par Longhi Otterland Evalué 18/03/2014

    I am very much happy with the services of Host excellence as they offer very good features through their web hosting plans such as data storage capacity and traffic in an unlimited capacity, E-Commerce ready, free domain name, 99.9% uptime and many more. These features were very useful for those who are looking for the reliable and fast providers to host their web sites.As I am a business man, so first I used their business plan, it provides good result, then I try their Ultimate business plan, then Basic plan and all the three offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space but their prices are different. My exp with all the three web hosting plans was nice, in fact quite good. Their features, services, performance, reliability, honesty, support all were good. With all this, I like their customer support also as I face some issues with my web site so I discuss my problem with them via live chat and they also tell me solution of my problem step by step so that I can handle all the problems on my own, if problem is to be handle at my end only and if problem arises at their end then their rep take the entire responsibility and they resolve the problem completely and they try their efforts till the time problem gets resolved. I am saying this as once I face some issue and their rep tried to solve it, but in their first attempt it cannot be solved, so they try their second attempt, then third and so on so many..All on the same day to resolve the issue. I like this as they continuously worked for so long and finally they put smile on my face after getting me out of my problem. When the issue was not resolved in first two attempts then I got strained so much as I was worried for my web site that now what happened to my site but ultimately my problem got solve through the staff hardworking efforts and for this I really thankful to their support team.

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    Avis de Longhi Otterland

  • review user image
    3 star rating

     Par Connie Taylor Evalué 11/02/2014

    I am a customer of Host excellence from last 3 years and in these 3 years I do not face any problem with their hosting features or services till last few weeks but few days back they shut down my web site without even inform me.When I asked the reason, they told that my usage of resources were too high. Then I have decided that I will reduce the use of my resources, If there are any un-used or very less used plugins and files are there then I will remove them and I will also make sure that my software (Word press)will always be up to date and I will write again text files..Then I have decided that I will purchase a second account and decided to move two of my domains to my new account.After done all this, they still shut down my account and let my visitors to see my web sites with nothing but only error screen appears in front of them, whenever they try to access the web pages of my web site. Even my site face one repeated thing the server is up, the server is down, the server is up, and the server is down. I got irritated so much so, I have decided that I will fix the issues on my own as I try to reach their customer supporting staff so many times, but they did not even reply back to me for once. I try to reach them via live chat, phone or e-mail but they did not pick my call and not revert back to my query on mail.The thing which I understand from their side was that they put several no. of accounts on each server and this the reason of shut down of server many times in a day and they put blame on their clients or customers that their resource usage limit was very high, but certainly it is not. Their staff continuously saying the same thing that you reduce the usage of your resources then you get good results in terms of overall web hosting services.They don?t want to accept their mistake that they cannot manage their own services and they also refused to help their long term customer as their staff told me that I have only one option left with me was to upgrade my current server to their dedicated server option and by which I do not face the issue of price crisis also as the costs increased a little bit, so according to them I must purchased their new dedicated server in order to resolve my problem , which was consider as an appropriate solution but according to me they are making money out of my problem. They tried to make me fool.I just want to suggest that please avoid this provider Host excellence and search for any other provider in order to serve your web hosting needs.

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    Avis de Connie Taylor

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