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Questions-réponses d'hébergement GreenGeeks

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Question : Can I add ID Protect to a domain name that is registered elsewhere and does it help to reduce spam?--Lacatus Andrei

Réponse : No. you cannot add ID protect to a domain name that is registered elsewhere, domain must be registered with GreenGeeks in order to use ID Protect.
Yes, it helps to reduce spam. For spammers domain name Whois is a principal source of email addresses. If your domain name has ID Protect, GreenGeeks change the Whois email address numerous times a year. Spammers reap and use one Whois email address, but once GreenGeeks change it that basis of spam is cut off.

Question : How to whitelist Greengeeks in Lelea

Réponse : It is always best to white list GreenGeeks domain to ensure you are always receiving their emails as Hotmail and Outlook have very strict email standards.
Step 1 – Login to your account.
Step 2 – Click on the “More Email Settings” button.
Step 3 – Click on the “Safe and blocked senders” under the preventing junk email header.
Step 4 – Click on the “Safe senders” link.
Step 5 – Add both and to the “Sender or Domain to mark as safe” input box and click “Add to List”.
You will now see the domain in your Safe senders and domains list. Any email sent from GreenGeeks domains will now reach your inbox!

Question : What are the forms of payments that GreenGeeks accepts?--Madalina Dana

Réponse : currently accepts all major credit cards (American Express, Mastercard, Visa) and PayPal. GreenGeeks at present do not accept bank wires, money orders, Western Union or checks.

Question : How to Add Multi Authorized Users to GreenGeeks account?--Ionut Alx

Réponse : GreenGeeks Multi Authorized Users services will allow you to accomplish right to use your account if you have web designer or IT department that have the requirement. To add the authorized users please follow below mentioned steps:
* First login to the GreenGeeks Account Manager
* Click on Change Personal Information
* Click on Contacts/Sub-Accounts
* Enter the information of Contact
* Check Activate Sub Account (if login access is required)
* Select the Emails they should receive.
* Click Save
Please note, this process provides additional contacts to have access to Account Manager settings such as Hosting Control Panel, Domains, Billing, Support. However it will create only one cPanel Login shared by all users.

Question : I have heard GreenGeeks has the best web hosting affiliate program, tell me more?--Brunette Deea

Réponse : Greengeeks want their affiliates to make money but even more on priority; they want customers to be sure that the company they are referring business to takes care of the clients that they refer. GreenGeeks is one of the most admired and reliable web hosts on the internet today and they make sure that their clients are promptly contacted for activation and they receive confirmed logins. GreenGeeks offer free site migrations for over 95% of the types of clients they receive and their support and server administration are friendly and available 24x7x365.
As a bonus incentive for you referring business to GreenGeeks and for an added incentive for your referred clients to sign up with them, GreenGeeks offer each new customer a coupon code worth 20% off on any yearly shared hosting plan they buy or 20% off on the first month of the reseller or vps plan they buy.

Question : Can I upload my already built site into the GreenGeeks Sitebuilder?--Valentina Elena

Réponse : Sorry to say, it is not possible to upload a previously built site into the Sitebuilder. If you want your site to work, it should be built using the Sitebuilder tools.

Question : Why is my personal information available when I purchase a domain name from GreenGeeks?--Rasfatzata Tha

Réponse : Your personal information is available if you purchase a domain name from GreenGeeks because International rules require that legitimate contact information be provided for all domain names, and that it should be available worldwide. ID Protect provides true and correct contact information that satisfies the international requirements without exposing your personal contact information to worldwide scrutiny.
As an additional service GreenGeeks offers ID Protect (Whois Privacy Protection).

Question : Do GreenGeeks support Microsoft Access?--Borz Adrian

Réponse : No, Greengeeks do not support Microsoft Access. GreenGeeks is a Linux/Unix web hosting provider and they do not offer Windows servers hosting or any other hosting which would need Windows-based technologies, such as MS SQL, MS Access, ASP, .NET, Cold Fusion etc.

Question : How can my GreenGeeks site visitors translate my site into their language?--Nicoleta Nic

Réponse : If you want your site visitors to translate your site content you will have to add a Google Translate Widget to your site.
Follow below mentioned steps to add the Google Translate Widget to your page:
* Click on Widgets > More > Misc > Google Translate.
* Drag the Google Translate Widget onto your page.
If you want your site visitor to be able to translate each page of your website, you will need to add Google Translate Widget to each page of yours.

Question : How Do I Renew My Domain Name with Greengeeks?--Alina Safar

Réponse : All GreenGeeks hosting services are set to automatically renew on their subscription date unless customer places a cancellation request. GreenGeeks send email notification to all their customers 15 days prior to their domain’s expiry and send email again seven days prior to their domain expiry.